Carbon credits

Greenbalance offers carbon offsetting through certified carbon credits from sustainable (energy) projects in mainly developing countries. These Gold Standard or VCS credits prove that a certain amount of sustainable energy has been produced and carbon emissions have been avoided. By purchasing these credits you can neutralise your organisation’s CO emissions.


How do carbon credits work?

The basis for carbon offsetting is calculating a carbon footprint of your organisation, product or service. In order to offset one tonne of CO you need one carbon credit.

You may want to neutralise your organisation’s entire carbon footprint, or just hard-to-avoid emissions from business flights or commuting. You can also make a specific service or product carbon neutral.

Carbon credits, or CO rights, are generated from sustainable energy projects, such as hydroelektric power and wind, usually in developing countries where the climate problem is most pressing. These projects ensure that a clean energy source is created instead of a polluting one. This avoids carbon emissions.

These projects also contribute to social development of the local people, through education, employment, dissemination of (technical) know-how, medical care, improving biodiversity and the local environment.

International rules ensure that these projects meet strict demands. They are audited and certified by independent international bodies.

Greenbalance offers two types of internationally certified carbon credits:

  1. Gold Standard;
  2. VCS (Verified Carbon Standard).

Both standards have an international registry to trace the digital certificates resulting from the sustainable energy projects, thus ensuring the carbon credits’ source.


Gold Standardgold-standard

The highest guarantee is the Gold Standard Foundation, which is supported by the World Wildlife Fund, among others. Criteria which Gold Standard projects need to meet, include:

  • Only sustainable energy and energy efficiency projects which create long-term benefits for the host country and climate are eligible. The project’s social aspects, such as local employment, are also taken into account;
  • Proven added value: the project can only be realised through investments resulting from Gold Standard credits.


Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) is another worldwide standard for carbon credits. Like the Gold Standard, VCS offset projects use the criterium of proven additionality. The verification process of VCS projects is usually faster than Gold Standard projects, creating a greater availability in types and locations of projects. The costs are usually lower.


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