Energy Now, an event on Smart Energy Distribution

donderdag 02 mei 2019

Energy Now is an annual congress which seeks to inform, connect and inspire students and professionals, this year focusing on Smart Energy Distribution. But it is also a carbon neutral event; compensating its carbon emissions by investing in a sustainable hydro project in India.

Energy Now an anual congress on Smart Energy Distribution for students and professionals. Made Carbon Neutral by Groenbalans.

Connecting the sustainable future

By highlighting recent challenges and technical innovations in the sector, students can discover the various ways they can contribute to the transition towards sustainable energy.

During the event, exciting topics as the internet of energy, smart grids, decentral power storage and local energy exchange will be covered. Additionally, we would like to introduce you to the opportunities regarding the transmission and transport of energy on not only a local, but also on a regional and international level.

During interactive workshops given by a variety of companies, students and professionals collaborate to find solutions to energy-related cases on a more in-depth level. The multi-disciplinary exhibition floor enables participants to share and discuss their perspectives. Through a panel discussion these different perspectives are connected and the future of the energy transition is discussed. Learn more about the programme…….

Energy Now is carbon neutral

For this year’s edition of Energy Now, the team decided to further improve the events stance on sustainability. In order to do so, they teamed up with us to compensate for their emission footprint during the actual event. In our calculation, we estimated the CO2-footprint of the event, based on direct & indirect emissions but also food & water consumption, waste generation and employee transport. The calculation totalled a CO2-emission equivalent of about 7 tonnes. The team decided to invest in a hydro project in Himachal Pradesh, India. The project revolves around the generation of energy from falling water (so without a water dam) to reduce the necessity of fossil fuels as coal to generate the locally consumed electricity.

Team Energy

The Energy Now committee consists of seven students from the Eindhoven University of Technology. The committee is part of and initiated by the student platform Team Energy, which consists of students from a broad range of technical expertise areas. Team Energy actively promotes and stimulates students to acquire knowledge and participate in the energy field. The members are united by sharing the same vision: a world powered solely by sustainable energy.