Report: Valuating the benefits of improved cooking solutions

donderdag 20 juni 2019

Gold Standard has published a research study by Vivid Economics that estimates the economic value of Gold Standard-certified project benefits related to climate, health, ecosystem protection, economic opportunity, poverty reduction and other development outcomes from its improved cooking solutions project portfolio.

The study, supported by Climate KIC, finds that for every carbon credit issued from a clean cookstove project, $267 in economic value is created! For domestic biogas projects, the average value created is $465 per credit! The net benefit of Gold Standard’s improved cooking solutions portfolio adds up to $2.6 billion per annum and, to date, $11.6 billion over total project lifetime.

The report supports ongoing efforts to rapidly deploy best available cooking technologies at scale by providing a more complete picture of monetary benefits.

“Gold Standard’s mantra ‘Making good better’ means that we continue to look for ways to tap into the latest data and research to make this impact concrete and meaningful for projects,” comments Gold Standard CEO Marion Verles. “Vivid’s research makes even clearer the value that investors create through supporting improved cooking solutions, helping to attract more capital to these transformational projects.”